Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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Staff List
Name Position Ext.
William R. Pace Convenor (New York)  
Virginie Amato Europe Senior Advocacy and Programme Officer (Brussels) 8544
Brianna Burt Development Fellow 8531
Matthew Cannock Legal Officer (The Hague)
Clément Capo-Chichi Africa Regional Coordinator (Cotonou, Benin)  
Amielle Del Rosario ‎Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator (Bangkok, Thailand)  
Claire Giraudet Communications and Programme Assistant (The Hague)  
Leila Hanafi Middle East and North Africa Regional Coordinator (Rabat, Morocco) 8548
Lesley Hsu Program Associate 8510
Stephen Lamony Senior Adviser - AU, UN and Africa Situations (New York) 8514
Spencer Lanning IT Manager (New York) 8556
Niall Matthews Head of Communications (The Hague) 8555
Kirsten Meersschaert Duchens Head of Office/Europe Regional Coordinator (The Hague) 8550
Meenakshi Menon Senior Development Officer 8527
Jelena Pia-Comella Deputy Executive Director (New York) 8525
Michelle Reyes Americas Regional Coordinator (Lima, Peru)
Alexandra Sajben Regional Program Liaison (New York) 8513  
Hugo Strikker Administration and Finance Officer (The Hague) 8551
Dan Verderosa Communications Officer (New York) 8524
Alix Vuillemin Grendel Legal Officer (The Hague) 8558