Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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Members' Media Statements
During the Coalition’s Asia Strategy Meeting in Kathmandu in 2008, INSEC calls on the government to accede to the Rome Statute
In this section, you will find press releases, media advisories, and statements issued by member organizations of the CICC.
Academic Papers and Reports
Author Title Date
26485|26486 21 Jan 2016
Journal of International Criminal Justice
26465|26466 14 Dec 2015
Human Rights Watch et al.
26362|26364 29 Oct 2015
21 civil society organisations including Human Rights Watch Affirmative Action Initiative for Women
26296|26297 19 Oct 2015
26290|26291 19 Oct 2015
Human Rights Watch
26276|26277 17 Oct 2015
Human Rights Watch
26278|26279 15 Oct 2015
NGO Letters, Papers, Reports, and Statements
Author Date and Title
Human Rights Watch
29 Jan 2016
ICC Former Ivorian President Gbagbo on Trial Human Rights Watch
21 Jan 2016
Uganda: Q&A on Dominic Ongwen at the ICC
12 Jan 2016
The international crime machine and open conflict must be stopped for Burundi
Human Rights Watch
03 Dec 2015
Libya Long Term Arbitrary Detentions
Amnesty International
30 Nov 2015
State Parties run dangerously close to interfering with the ICCs independence
30 Nov 2015
International Criminal Court independence under threat at annual assembly
25 Nov 2015
El Salvador ICC Ratification
NGO Media Statements
Author Date and Title
Human Rights Watch
27 Oct 2015
Philippines Rebel Executions Violate International Law Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch
26 Oct 2015
Libya: Gaddafi Son Speaks From Jail
23 Oct 2015
Ending impunity in Eastern Ukraine new report reveals the urgency to open an ICC investigation
Human Rights Watch
20 Oct 2015
Yemen Houthis Shell Civilians in Southern City Human Rights Watch
Den norske Helsingforskomite
15 Oct 2015
ICC investigation a possible milestone for accountability in Europe Den norske Helsingforskomite
Human Rights Watch
14 Oct 2015
Q&A Georgia and the International Criminal Court Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch
14 Oct 2015
Georgia Russia ICC Prosecutor Seeks Investigation Human Rights Watch