Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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CICC Media Statements
CICC Media Statements
Francesca Varda, CICC Coordinator for the Americas in Ciudad de Guatemala meets with members of the press. Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala. Credit: CICC
In this section, you will find press releases, media advisories, and statements issued by the Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC).
Conference Reports and Declarations
Author Date and Title
Oct 2010
Report on the first Review Conference on the Rome Statute
NGO Letters, Papers, Reports, and Statements
Authorascending Date and Title
16 July 1998
INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT: Final Statement At the Diplomatic Conference Delivered by Pierre Sané
Brigitte Suhr, CICC
18 July 2012
Lubanga Sentence Vindicates Faith in ICC
01 June 2010
Statement of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court
27 Jan 2011
Coalition Announces Global Campaign on ICC Elections
10 Feb 2005
Message from the CICC, on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary
24 Jan 2006
Letter to States Parties on the Election of ICC Judges
01 June 2007
Letter to States Parties on the Election of ICC Judges
NGO Media Statements
Author Date and Title
15 July 2011
International Justice Day: World Celebrates 13th Anniversary of New Global System to End Impunity
06 Oct 2015
Togo : Il faut adopter une loi pour lutter contre les crimes internationaux
Parliamentarians for Global Action
29 Sept 2015
PGA welcomes historic developments in Colombia’s peace process
28 Sept 2015
Guinea: Make 2009 Massacre Trial a Priority
Human Rights Watch
28 Sept 2015
Colombia: Dealing Away Justice
Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice
28 Sept 2015
First ICC Trial involving allegations of witness tampering and forgery of evidence
Amnesty International
24 Sept 2015
Colombia: Agreement must guarantee justice for the millions of victims of the armed conflict